Film Audio Production

This is an “A/B” comparison of post-production sound work I did for a short film called Lucid.  This scene was filmed in a bar that happened to have several tropical fish tanks, and therefore the filters and heating devices could not be turned off during filming.  This resulted in an extraordinarily noisy recording of the dialogue. By isolating the noise, removing it, and carefully adding a little back in, I was able to preserve the dialogue and reduce the noise without creating the “watery” sound that frequently happens with noise reduction.


Counter Esperanto: Tangents about Twin Peaks is a podcast that I host with an old friend of mine Karl Eckler, which allows us to discuss two great loves in our lives: Weird Fiction and the cult favorite TV show Twin Peaks.  With this series, we use Twin Peaks as a jumping-off point to talk about the Weird in all its forms.  Our show features full readings of stories by authors like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, music, and interviews.  All sound editing and music is done by me, with the exception of several of the readings by Karl Eckler the Elder. Podcast available on, iTunes and whatever your favorite podcatcher app might be.

Annex is a serialized dark melodrama written and directed by Drew Beard, who was a professor of mine in the Film program at PSU.  I recorded the dialogue sessions, produced all of the music, and edited each episode (including much of the sound effects).


The Wrong Door is an album of experimental weirdness that I performed and recorded, and released on SadoDamascus Records (SDMPDX).  It’s available on Bandcamp where one may “name your price.”