This reel represents combines highlights from personal video work and assignments in the Associate of Video Production program that I completed in 2015.  The music is less upbeat than the electronic dance music heard in most reels, but it’s such a beautiful piece furnished by a friend’s band Sallo, here in Portland Oregon.


I wrote, directed and edited this short documentary piece featuring one of my favorite professors in the PCC multimedia program, Don Thompson, who taught digital and analogue recording.


This somewhat abstract short documentary is directed and edited by Shelly Strunk (who also did the beautiful piano-based music for my reel), and I was Director of Photography. It follows several Portland residents who at some point in their lives decided to leave Utah and the Mormon church.


This is a short promotional video that I did for an album release show on SadoDamascus Records, which takes the form of a rapid-fire collage of footage that I shot at the same venue over time.